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Style Ballet Napa Dance


Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles and develops a student’s overall technique needed for proper dance development. Strength, grace, balance and discipline are taught in these classes. We offer the Royal Academy of Dance ballet program in which students participate in an exam each year. Napa encourages students to participate in the RAD exams as it gives them a goal and standard to work towards. An examiner from the RAD visits the studio once a year to conduct exams.

Style Jazz Napa Dance


Jazz is a fun and exciting style of dance where students can improve flexibility, technique and endurance dancing to a variety of current music styles. Jazz is a faster-paced class consisting of a warm up, across the floor exercises and dance combinations.

Style Lyrical Napa Dance

Lyrical Jazz

Lyrical jazz combines both ballet and jazz technique in a slower, more fluid style of  dance. Dancers are taught to express their emotions through fluid movements to beautiful popular ballads.

Style Modern Napa Dance


Modern/Contemporary is an extremely popular dance style which explores free movement and feeling using grace and strength. Dancers learn how to use modern technique to express emotion through abstract dance moves. Dancers focus on breathing, posture, and emotional state to establish a mind-body connection. Students learn choreographed woks and are encouraged to improvise dance pieces.

Style Tap Napa Dance


Tap is a fun, rhythmic style of dance where students explore the technique and learn how to fit intricate tap steps to the music. It is a great class for developing musicality and coordination in this fun and challenging class.

Style Musical Napa Dance

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is a class which combines singing and dancing. Students start the class with a full vocal warm-up and move into learning songs and choreography from Broadway musicals. Students also participate in theatre sports games to enhance their acting and improvisation skills. Whether your aspirations are the bright lights of Broadway or the community spotlight the benefit of stage works are far reaching in everyday life. The ability to combine sing and dance strenghthens and expands the versitility of the dancers.


In Acro, students learn basic acrobatic and gymnastic skills, formations and technique while developing flexibility and strength. They learn basic skills such as bridges, rolls, cartwheel and standing backbends. Once these skills are mastered, students will learn walkovers, handsprings and more complex moves. Dance is then combined with the moves and students learn exciting routines.

Style Hip Hop Napa Dance

Hip Hop

Hip hop is a street dance style primarily performed to hip hop music. It includes several different styles such as breaking, locking and popping which were originally made popular by dance crews. Street moves combine with footwork are the basis of the hip hop dance technique.

Style Stretch Napa Dance

Stretch and Strength

Stretch and Strength is a challenging class which develops flexibility and endurance in the dancers. They learn stretching exercises specifically geared to dancers and  participate in dance “super circuits” using weights, and other gym equipment. This is an extremely important class for the serious dancer.

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